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We are excited to welcome you at Working as a freelancer without a chamber of commerce offers you the flexibility of working for your own account, but also the certainty of flexible salary conditions. Choose the balance between money and security.

We use a number of conditions and guidelines to register you.

  • Registration is free and without obligation. Verify easily with a Dutch account number* via iDIN or iDEAL.
  • To work through us as a freelancer for your own account and risk, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must upload a copy of a valid proof of identity (not a driver's license) during the registration process.
  • Your reward is on average at least € 16,- per hour excluding VAT. This rate is based on 140% of the minimum wage.
  • You are always free to accept and / or refuse work.
  • You can always be replaced by a third party with the same qualifications.
  • charges you 5% for its services which we deduct gross from the invoice.

* If you have a foreign account number, physical verification is required and we will charge a one-time fee of 50 euros.

Continue to enter your details and you will have direct access to your personal account, where you can complete the final steps of registration when it suits you and you can immediately invoice your client(s) for your services. We wish you good business!

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Register as a client

Rewarding freelancers via offers a number of unique benefits. This is the way you can be sure that all freelancers are properly paid and that all remittance are made. You are also sure that you comply with the changing laws and regulations whereby you still have unlimited freedom when hiring your freelancers.

All our freelancers must meet the following conditions;

  • The freelancer works for his own account and risk and must be at least 18 years old.
  • The freelancer must have a Dutch account number.
  • The agreed remuneration is at least € 16,- per hour excluding VAT.
  • The freelancer is always free to take on and / or refuse work..
  • The freelancer can always be replaced by a third party with the same qualifications.


Recommend us to your freelancers and we invite them without obligation to become a customer with us, this should not be mandatory. After registration you record agreements in our model agreement which we sign that we offer 100% certainty for all payments and liabilities. After the work, the freelancer will send you an invoice for his or her services and after payment we will transfer the wage net within two working days.

iDIN and Chamber of Commerce

An account, with the certainty of our agreements, is only possible with a verified account. We do this through iDIN or iDeal. You can then easily use our model agreements from your account and sign online. If you do not want this, we do not offer you additional security regarding of hiring of your freelancers. Based on your Chamber of Commerce data, we can link your contractors to your account. We then share the data in your account, when they enter your Chamber of Commerce data. This makes linking easier and more reliable. We only share your data if you give us permission.

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