We see that clients regularly recommend us because working with Freelanceverloning.nl means that you make agreements about the rate and the services. You will receive an invoice for your services and you are assured that everything is in order and that it will be carried out in accordance with the DBA Act. You decide whether you use our services or prefer to invoice by means of a Chamber of Commerce registration. With our model agreement, you can make good and clear agreements.


You can no longer tell the difference because of the abolition of the VAR (Declaration of Labour Relations), the BGL law (Concept No Payroll Tax) and now the DBA law (Deregulation Assessment of Employment Relations), which will be replaced by a new law in 2021, and the ALT (Employment Contract Low Tariff). The aim of these laws is to clarify whether or not you are a real self-employed person and whether or not you work as a false self-employed person. With Freelanceverloning.nl and our model agreement, we take this worry off your hands by doing a withholding tax, so that you fully work according to the DBA law and never have to face any surprises afterwards.


The Model Agreement

We offer your client the certainty that everything is well taken care of. You can easily create a model agreement on your account and your client can sign it online. In the model agreement, you specify the agreed activities, the rate, the payment term, the duration and the fees.

Invoice and non-dispute

Send an invoice via Freelanceverloning.nl for the delivered work in accordance with the agreements. When your client has received the invoice, he can view it and indicate whether the invoice is correct via the non-dispute button. In this way, your client indicates that there is no dispute about the content of the invoice. He will, however, observe the payment term.

Description Action Freelanceverloning.nl Action in factoring
Day 1 Create invoice Send invoice by e-mail Send invoice by e-mail
Non-dispute confirmation Confirmation of invoice agreement Invoice payment
Note due date 1st reminder By e-mail and telephone * reminder By e-mail and telephone * reminder
14 days after 1st reminder 2nd reminder By e-mail and telephone * reminder By e-mail and telephone * reminder
30 days after 2nd reminder Reminder By e-mail and telephone reminder Claim to the debt collection agency
Customer can request payment Review by Freelanceverloning.nl Telephone contact
Receivables from third parties No contact or solution Claim to the debt collection agency

* In the case of non-dispute, we will not call for the first two reminders, because the invoice has already been approved. With factoring, the collection process is immediately handed over to a debt collection agency.