As a freelancer, it will not surprise you that making agreements is very important. The invoice afterwards can lead to disputes or surprises. We think it is important that you make good arrangements. You can easily record this online on your account and officially sign it with the click of a button. At the bottom of this form, you can easily create an example model agreement.

Below you can see a demo version of our agreement module as it appears on our platform.


The model agreement of Freelanceverloning.nl is made on the basis of an agreement approved by the tax authorities. In view of our services, we have made a number of changes so that you and your client have even more certainty. You can also use the model agreement to avoid any question of salaried employment. Our model agreement is widely applicable and covers almost all situations in which you work as a freelancer and therefore do not want to work as an employee for your client.

Invoicing and tax

When you work as a freelancer on Freelanceverloning.nl you will invoice through our platform. You will then send an invoice on our behalf to the client with our VAT and Chamber of Commerce numbers on it. In the model agreement, we make it clear that we are the party that will invoice your work. However, we also explain that we will pay all compulsory taxes in advance to the tax authorities so that your client does not have to worry about anything under the DBA Act or the Chain Liability Act.

If you do not work with our model agreement, we strongly advise you to make clear agreements regarding invoicing and payment.

Work, rate and payment term

Of course, you will determine together with the client the work to be carried out, the rate (minimum 16 euro) and the payment term (standard 14 days). If you wish, you can also apply a rate indexation of x percent in the model agreement. Like any other agreement, you both have to adhere to the agreement. You can often terminate it prematurely, but you can attach a fee to this. This is also fixed in advance so that the invoice for termination can be invoiced directly by the client. Also make agreements about expenses that you may or may not charge, such as telephone and travel expenses.

Security well organise

We see an increasing number of clients who place higher demands on working with freelancers.

Financial loss

In our model agreement, we always exclude financial loss. That is why it is wise to record this properly with your client. We can, if desired, insure this. Please contact us for this, and we will look for a tailor-made solution for you.

Business damage

You can determine the risk for which you are liable in case of direct damage to people or property. We have limited the standard excess to 5000 euros, but you can reduce the excess to 125 euros and increase the insured amount to 2.5 million euros per case by mutual agreement. If you insure this, we will ask you to conclude the model agreement before you sign it, so that we can provide your client with certainty about this.

Withholding tax on wages, national and employee insurance contributions

There are clients who, mainly due to the increasing uncertainty of the law, impose additional requirements on the payment of freelancers. We can give this assurance to your client. If you take out social insurance, we will pay the wage tax and national insurance contributions as well as the employee insurance (WW, WAO, WIA and ZW) as standard. This makes every assignment available to you as a freelancer. It gives you a certain feeling that you are well insured, the same goes for your client.

Compensation for client DBA Act

Always a nice thought, that when you work with our model agreement your client never has to worry about the DBA Act or retrospective assessments by a competent authority. If you adhere to our model agreement, we at Freelanceverloning.nl take full responsibility for all tax legislation and/or social security legislation that a withholding agent has. We take care of all costs, penalties and interest and we even take over the entire legal procedure.

iDIN and Signature

We've automated all the processes for you as much as possible. That's why we sign with iDIN. This method ensures that you no longer have to print out papers, but that you can legally sign documents remotely. We also do this for your client and we also sign the agreement for the compensation to your client or securities that we mention on the invoice.

Own agreements

We think it's important that you record your agreements properly. Of course, you can also work with your own agreements. These can be added online so that all agreements are clearly available.

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