As a freelancer, you can take care of the risk of illness or an accident in various ways. An insurance for incapacity for work is often very expensive. AOV Profs is a reliable alternative and offers an incapacity benefit for and by all freelancers in the Netherlands.

Arranging disability together with AOV Profs

AOV Profs is an affordable and fair alternative for an insurance. Together with other participants, you transfer a fixed amount every month to the AOV Profs account where your personal balance is kept.

If you become ill, after a waiting period of 2 months, you will receive a monthly donation from each participant. This is possible for a period of 2 years, but also 5 years per clinical picture. But: you can of course participate in AOV Profs for as long as you want.

Conditions for participation

No fine print at AOV Profs. It is very simple: everyone can participate. It is not according to your age or how long you have been a freelancer, no physical examination is required and no minimum wages. Even if you are partially incapacitated for work but still work, you can participate. AOV Profs does not consider your medical past as important when you are back at work.

But please note: this facility is intended for reception for incapacity for work that you cannot provide in advance. AOV Profs works with an independent occupational health and safety service that assesses for what percentage you have become incapacitated for work when you report sick.


At AOV Profs you can determine which donation period you want and which donation amount.
When choosing the duration of the donation, it is important to know that of all cases of illness, more than 95% return to work within two years. Within 5 years this is even 98%.

If you want to go for more certainty, choose a donation period of 5 years. If you are 60 years or older and you are also incapacitated for work after 5 years, you will receive a gift up to your AOW age! The donation amount is then € 2,000.

If you also find sufficient certainty for 2 years, you also have a choice in the amount of the gift amount.


AOV Profs is a personal provision. You cannot settle your investment and the costs for business purposes. On the other hand, the donation you receive in case of illness is net. You do not have to pay tax on that. If you become ill, AOV Profs will transfer the investment amount to you in addition to the gift amount. AOV Profs wants you to be able to use the full donation to pay your bills, but your investment will also continue. You don't have to worry about that.

You also pay a one-time registration fee of 125 euros and a monthly administration fee of 25 euros. AOV Profs pays the financial administration of this for arranging the donations and, for example, for keeping your personal balance. The health and safety service are also paid for this.

AOV Profs now offers a discount of 50% on the registration costs. Register now via https://zelfstandigeprofessionals.nl with the code VERLONING2020.

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