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Suddenly you’ve got it: you become a freelancer!

But do you freelance full-time or part-time, do you start a store or do you work, how much risk do you run and is the Chamber of Commerce really that handy? Do you still see the wood for the trees?

You become a freelancer!
You are on the right track


You are on the right track!

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No worries

Taxes easily managed

Your taxes well and safely managed. With Freelanceverloning.nl you pay your taxes with the social security that suits you. We make sure that your income is entered in your tax return.

No worries, taxes easily managed


You are the boss

It goes without saying that you decide whether you want to save for now or for your pension. The beauty of Freelanceverloning.nl is that you choose what suits you best.


Services and insurance

Of course we want to make sure that you start your assignment without any worries. You are insured against an accident... but also for expenses or getting paid quickly.

Services and insurance


Good agreements

Give yourself and your client the peace and security of a good agreement. Without surprises afterwards, according to the DBA Act. Read more about our model agreement here.



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