We think it is important that you can also insure yourself as a freelancer against loss of income in case of illness. You pay an 8 percent premium to Freelanceverloning.nl. In order to keep it affordable, we use 60 waiting days from the notification of illness and we pay out 70 percent of the average gross income earned over 3 months for notification of illness.

Own risk and duration

Waiting days are the risk days. You will not receive a compensation during the waiting days. The coverage takes effect from registration and does not apply retroactively. The maximum duration is 2 years and you will receive compensation for your gross income earned on average over the three months prior to notification of illness.


If you have insured your illness via Freelanceverloning.nl, we think it is important that you this period of illness is as brief as possible. So if you need something that would improve your working conditions and could lead to lower absenteeism or to a reduction in the period of absenteeism, you can request a statement of expenses from us. We will purchase or reimburse the product for you if this is more practical. Always do this in consultation, because we have a budget for these kinds of things and we do not reimburse everything.


  • deductible 60 days
  • payment based on the past three months

Small print

Illness benefit is only paid if this leads to loss of income and the illness arose after the coverage was taken out. Freelanceverloning.nl may ask for more information. If partial incapacity for work has been established, payment will be made pro rata.

NOTE: You are NOT required to provide medical information to Freelanceverloning.nl. However, we often ask for this so that we can provide you with a better service. See also expenses. A company doctor may ask medical questions and will never communicate this with us.

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