When you send an invoice, you want to be paid quickly. As a freelancer, it takes longer and longer before you receive money from your client. Did you know that the average freelancer's payment term was 28.9 days, as the freelancer's barometer shows? Even if you work as a freelancer, you are often dependent on that payment. We would be happy to relieve you of this uncertainty by factoring.

Factoring, get paid immediately

What is factoring?

No hassle with your customer about the payment and direct the money into your account. Regardless of the invoice amount and with complete freedom. We work together with Factris bv who insures and advances your invoice. They take over the entire collection risk and pay us in advance. You will have the money in your account within 24 hours.

Credit check

They don't finance everyone. For example, a check must be made beforehand to ensure that the client is reliable. They do this for Dutch companies with their Chamber of Commerce number and for foreign companies with their tax number. Within 24 hours you will know whether this has been approved and Factris bv will advance and insure the invoice.

How it works

If you opt for factoring, we first check whether your client is reliable. You can easily do this by carrying out the credit check. We do this check for free and within 24 hours. You then send the invoice to your client and we ask your client to confirm that he does not dispute the invoice. He does not have to pay it yet. If he agrees, we will pay you the invoice immediately and you will receive the money in your account. We will take over the entire risk of payment from you for a 2 percent compensation.

What does it cost

You choose factoring for all your clients. It's an option, like we reward you. We only offer this if you are fully verified and familiar to us. We will only charge you for the cost price. This is 2 percent of the gross invoice.

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