One of the things you can insure as a freelancer is business liability. It is always good to limit the risk of liability in the model agreement with your client. But to what extent is it reasonable if you cause damage to the property of others or, worse still, to others? That's why we've put together a unique insurance for you that insures your liability up to 2.5 million euros!

Why am I liable?

If you provide work and are personally liable as in a sole proprietorship or work via Freelanceverloning.nl, then the private liability insurance does not insure any damage that you incur while working. You cannot use this insurance if you have caused damage at work. You can take out professional liability insurance for this. This insurance insures you against the financial consequences of damage claims.

What is insured?

Of course, this insurance is only for the activities for which you use Freelanceverloning.nl. As we find it important, we pay a part of your insurance. You only pay 100 euros per year. This is non-refundable if you use it for a shorter period of time. Your deductible is only 125 euros and you are insured up to 2.5 million euros per case and a maximum of 5 million euros per year.

Model agreement

In our model agreement, you can make good and clear agreements about the coverage and exclusion of financial loss.

Not insured

  • financial loss
  • no insurance for the US and Canada.
  • damage caused by/with a motor vehicle
  • damage to borrowed or leased items

Policy conditions

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