"By making the value of labor the starting point, by making costs transparent, we can minimize risks on both sides."

Edward Belgraver — Founder of Verloning.nl


Have you seen our highway billboards? Nice! With our campaign we try to create awareness of how we can make work more beautiful and attractive. Let's organize work based on direction for workers. Click on the links next to the images and read more.


Your paycheck does not honestly tell you what you earn

What you earn is what your employer is willing to do for you. And what you earn is on your paycheck. However? Guess again. Your paycheck only shows your gross salary and your net salary. You often have no insight into the actual employer costs.


Job coaching and training

From primary school we are concerned with who we are and what we want to become. We are prepared for this until we have finished school, our education or our studies. But when you finally really start working, you are usually thrown in to see if you can swim. Our company invests capital to enable you to study for job security, but then leave it to your employer whether you can secure your income.


Your own terms of employment

One wants more vacation days, the other prefers retirement security and the other mainly wants a big lease box. Secondary employment conditions are very personal. Yet you often have little influence on the various options. As if you are in a restaurant with an extensive menu, but you can only order the schnitzel with fries.


Save your own retirement

Maybe it is already very far away. Maybe it is almost already. In almost all cases, it is wise to build up a nest egg in addition to your AOW. The government thinks so too. That is why you get a lot of tax benefits. Yet an employer or temporary employment agency often does not allow you to arrange where you will accrue that retirement yourself.


Expensive middlemen

Employment agencies. Once set up to link employees and employers. Meanwhile, the opposite seems to be the truth. Temporary employment agencies are often mainly to deter your employer and above all to have you pay a high commission on you, under a contract over which you as an employee have nothing to say.


More vacation days

Suppose you were allowed to choose between money and free time? More days off as an employment condition often means that you become more expensive. Unless you turn it around and you allow yourself to be rewarded on the basis of value. This way you can determine yourself what your conditions are.